A cake shop in San Francisco has found a creative way to keep selling cakes amid the uncertain times of the COVID-19 spread.

Butter& is giving customers a tasty treat and helpful advice at the same time with its ‘quarantine cakes’. These small cakes feature messages such as “wash your hands” and “don’t touch you face” written on the top in icing.

“To keep our business running, we’re doing something new: smaller, more affordable cakes that are perfect for 1-2 people. People can send them to each other, even if they can’t eat them together,” the cake shop said in a Facebook post on March 14. “In times of social isolation and fear, it’s human connection, acts of love, and comfort food that will get us through it. And listening to what the CDC says. We’re providing complimentary advice from the CDC on top of these cakes as a public service: “Wash Your Hands”, “Don’t Touch Your Face”, “Pretend You’re an Introvert”. Stay safe, fam! We’re all in this together! #butterand #quarantinecakes”

The cakes have been helped Butter& make for some of the lost revenue from the current coronavirus concerns. Founder Amanda Nguyen encourages other bakeries to create their own versions of quarantine cakes to keep their businesses going.