A bakery in San Francisco has found a creative way to do contactless carryout during the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead of bringing customers their orders directly, Bernal Bakery is lowering its baked goods to customers with a basket and rope. To get baked goods, customers push a wireless doorbell and after their order is confirmed, the basket is lowered containing their order.

“I’ve always been an out of the box thinker... and it just organically came together,” says owner Ryan Stagg about the pulley system. “It’s on its third phase of its life...the most recent one was donated by our neighbor who is an out of work woodworker and he’s a welder as well.”

Bernal Bakery was established this year after owners and engaged couple Ryan Stagg and Daniella Banchero lost their jobs as chefs due to the coronavirus pandemic. They started baking for neighbors for fun to stay busy, but when they realized the stay-at-home would last longer than expected, they decided to start a business with their baked goods to pay rent.