Alexandria, Va.’s Bread & Water Company recently launched its redesigned website offering online ordering and delivery services. To celebrate the launch, the bakery created a series of cakes emblazoned with a polite reminder to “Wash Your Hands.” The bakery also released a limited supply of house-made hand sanitizer.

“We want to honor those on the front lines. When hand sanitizer disappeared off the shelves of stores, it occurred to me that we had supplies on hand to make our own,” says co-founder Noelie Rickey. “We keep a six-month supply of gloves and other sanitary products anyway, because our first job has always been to keep our staff and our customers safe.”

Rickey has a background as a former triage nurse, and she uses that training to guide the safety protocols of the company’s retail locations.

Bread & Water has pivoted to delivery, preserving jobs by reassigning its own wholesale drivers to local deliveries for the first time. The bakery's online ordering menu has streamlined the delivery process, as well as curbside pickup.