Food portion solution company FoodTools has redesigned its website with a new look and features aimed at better-assisting buyers in fewer clicks. 

“FoodTools is truly a global company and our online presence allows us to connect with customers around the world,” says Matt Wermund, general manager of FoodTools. “Our website provides insights, advice, and technical specs that can match food production plants with the ideal machine to cut, slice, or portion their products.” 

The biggest change of the redesign added search, sort, and compare functionality to the wide range of FoodTools machines and food application solutions: 

The search page now features dynamic filters, allowing a visitor to sort and view relevant machines based on food product type, throughput speed, accessories, and portioning technologies. 

Visitors can also build a unique list of machines to compare with a table showing each machine's typical end-user, production speed, product type, size, options, and technologies. 

For visitors interested in learning about portioning options in specific food product categories the APPLICATIONS pages dives deeper into machine lines used to portion specific foods including baked goods, dairy, ingredient reduction, flatbread, pizza and other unique custom solutions. 

“The search and compare options really help our prospects browse and self-select their ideal machines,” says Chris Clemens, FoodTools’ marketing manager. “They can send us an email with the selected machines or give us a call and our sales team can talk them through the specs and help them choose the best machine for their current production line and even highlight equipment they can grow into.”