For those looking to forego the ‘vaccination card’ selfie on social media and up their creativity when it comes to announcing their COVID-19 vaccination, a San Francisco cake shop is offering a sweet solution.

Butter&, which made headlines last year for its quarantine cakes that featured messages such as “wash your hands” and “don’t touch you face” written on the top in icing, is now offering vaccine-themed cakes with new phrases.

In addition to “just vaccinated,” customers also have the option of choosings sayings like “thanks, science!” and “HVD,” which stands for Happy Vaccination Day. The Butter& team was inspired by a customer’s order back in February 2021.

The bakery provided an explanation for the creation of the cakes in a post on Facebook:

“Shortly after Valentine’s Day, a client ordered a cake with the custom script “HVD!” on the front. “HVD? But wasn’t Valentine’s Day a week or two ago? Maybe it’s a typo,” we thought. But it wasn’t – the cake was a gift to her friend who was receiving the coronavirus vaccine that day, so HVD = Happy Vaccination Day. We all thought it was such a sweet sentiment, as the Butter& team had just received the first dose ourselves.”

Each cake is available in a variety of flavors and sizes, with mini cakes (2-4 servings) costing $50, small cakes (8-10 servings) costing $85 and medium cakes (12-14 servings) costing $115.