Image courtesy of Craftsman and Wolves
Craftsman and Wolves is a contemporary patisserie located in San Francisco, California. One of its signature offerings is The Rebel Within. This loaded muffin is created with a special batter with savory additions such as Asiago and Parmesan cheese, green onions, and sausage, and is then stuffed with a yolky, soft-boiled egg.

This unusual, but tasty product comes courtesy of the mind of owner and chef William Werner, a former finalist for the James Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Baker award in 2015 and 2016. He was thinking about molten chocolate cakes and how that could be applied to other products.

“I really started thinking about molten chocolate cakes -- about that sitting around the table at dessert and cutting it and seeing this chocolate go out,” he says.

Craftsman and Wolves offers The Rebel Within in two options: The original version and a Kimchi version that substitutes house-made kimchi for the sausage. It also features a vintage hot sauce for an extra kick. That’s just one of the multiple surprises in this dish.

“There’s this reveal, and this anticipation, and the suspense, because when they’re not cut they’re kind of unassuming. Once you cut it open, now you have a soft boiled egg and all this savory goodness. It’s a crowd pleaser,” Werner says.