Image courtesy of Federal Donuts
To celebrate its recent cookbook release, nationally-recognized Federal Donuts is taking its Philadelphia-based donuts to San Francisco.

As part of the city’s Jewish Community Center’s pop-up series, which focuses on sharing culture with all parts of the community, Federal Donuts will hold three different events to share some of its culinary creations.

  • Thursday, December 14 – Zahav Hanukkah Dinner at the Alembic, featuring a special multi-course dinner from Zahav and Federal Donutsprepared by Chef Mike Solomonov and Alembic chef Rachel Aronow.
  • Friday, December 15 – Hanukkah Shabbatikkah FRYday, featuring the Federal Donuts pop-up.
  • Saturday, December 16 – Federal DUNA, featuring langos, traditional Hungarian fried dough, topped with Federal Donuts-inspired toppings. Tickets to this event will also include a signed copy of Federal Donuts: The (Partially) True Spectacular Story.

The book serves as a biographical look at how Federal Donuts’ founders turned passion into a mini empire.  It features recipes for all of the shop’s popular cake donuts and fried chicken. Distinct flavors such as guava-poppy, pomegranate-Nutella, strawberry-lavender, and salted-tehina are featured.