Image courtesy of Vive la Tarte

Nearly one week ago, San Francisco’s Vive la Tarte released a new product that takes the croissant hybrid trend to the next level.

The bakery’s “tacro” is a mash-up of croissant and taco. It uses a flaky, buttery croissant dough to house savory taco ingredients. Included in the tacro are pickled onions, fresh cabbage, microgreens, sliced radishes, and mango salsa. Additionally, it comes with a choice of chicken and avocado, pulled pork and pineapple, or BBQ jackfruit.

Debuting on Friday, January 19, all 100 tacros sold out in less than two hours. With the product being an immediate success, Vive la Tarte plans to expand its options in the future. Seasonal fillings are a possibility, as is a breakfast option.

According to Vive la Tart Creative Director Jimmy Houghton, the bakery wanted something “unique, yet recognizable” to debut at its second location. The tacro took two months of development to get the recipe just right, but that wait has paid off.