Image courtesy of Vive la Tarte
Earlier this year, San Francisco’s Vive La Tarte made headlines with its tasty food hybrid, the “tacro”. This mash-up of croissant and taco became an immediate success for the bakery.

The tacro uses a flaky, buttery croissant dough to house savory taco ingredients like pickled onions, fresh cabbage, microgreens, sliced radishes, and mango salsa. Additionally, it comes with a choice of chicken and avocado, pulled pork and pineapple, or BBQ jackfruit.

Later this year, Vive La Tarte is bringing that food innovation to a new location in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. The bakery is expected to debut sometime in the fall, competing with the croissant hybrids at Los Angeles’ Mr. Holmes Bakehouse and Dominique Ansel Bakery.

Vive La Tarte in Los Angeles will feature classic pastries, but will also look to innovate with its menu. Much like the tacro, the bakery wants items that are “unique, yet recognizable” for its customers.