Image courtesy of Caribou Coffee
Starting Thursday, May 3, Caribou Coffee is introducing new ingredients to its drink lineup. Bubbles and Matcha will add excitement to cold and hot beverages at nearly 400 locations nationwide.

Caribou Coffee’s “Bubbles” are chewy, coconut jellies flavored with caramel that make for great beverage mix-ins. The flavor-packed morsels will be available in several beverages, including Raspberry Green Tea (iced), Caramel Cooler (blended), and Matcha Tea Cooler (blended).

The Matcha flavor can be used in both cold and hot drinks. This powdered green tea will be added to drinks such as Matcha Tea Cooler with Bubbles (Matcha powder, vanilla, half & half, and Caribou Coffee's shake mix blended together and served on a bed of “Bubbles”) and Matcha Vanilla Tea Latte (Matcha powder, vanilla, and steamed milk).

Matcha options not only add excitement to the summer beverage lineup, but they also have health benefits including supplying antioxidants, boosting metabolism, calming the mind, lowering cholesterol, and much more.