Dawn Foods Shares Our Top Tips 

This month, Dawn Foods is focusing on how to work smarter, not harder. By following a few simple tips, you can improve the efficiency of your operations and get the most out of your team’s time and talent.

Take a moment to look at your operations to identify where small changes can make a big impact. Some questions to consider:

  1. Are you getting the most out of your portfolio of products and ingredients?
  2. Are you working with your suppliers to learn more about products that can streamline your operations and still deliver maximum quality and appeal?
  3. Is your team set up for success with required skills and training? 

Use Proven Products Designed for Consistent Performance 

High-performing bakeries consistently deliver quality baked goods day in and day out.  

The quality of your product is a powerful decision-driver that impacts foot traffic and repeat visitors.

Equipment variations, humidity fluctuations and differing staff skill sets can lead to inconsistency in your final baked goods. This increases waste and decreases consumer appeal.

To help offset the impact of these challenges, look for products and ingredients formulated to get better results. Dawn Foods formulates products to withstand a variety of conditions, so you can be confident in error-proof baking time after time.

“We offer mixes that are highly tolerant. Bakers don’t need to be as focused on potential incorrect proofing and mixing times or inconsistent ingredient temperatures,” said Anne Marie Halfmann, Director of Commercial Marketing at Dawn Foods. “Traditionally, these factors can lead to high waste and costly inconsistencies.”

Streamline Production with Speed Scratch Baking

Prep work can be time intensive and laden with potential for error. Shifting from all-scratch baking to speed-scratch baking by using mixes or ready-to-use icings cuts down on prep and ingredients without sacrificing taste. Look for baker-friendly mixes, like the just-add-water cake donut mixes from Dawn Foods, that take the time and guesswork out of prep by giving bakers only one ingredient to add — water.

“These mixes are intended to deliver on quality, taste and performance while streamlining the entire production process,” Halfmann said. “It’s part of our total donut program, designed to help bakers deliver best-in-class donuts with ease.”

And with twice the donut mix flavors of the nearest competition, Dawn Foods can help you create a case full of seasonal and everyday favorites with less prep.

Reduce Costs and Complexity With Versatile Products

DAWN-0052_Secondaryimage_Art1_635x800_01.jpgSource: Dawn Foods

Adding variety to your bakery case can have a positive effect on sales and foot traffic, but it can negatively impact efficiency by adding to the cost and complexity of products and ingredients. Think about how you can get the most out of each product.

Dawn Exceptional® Premium and R&H® RichCreme® Crème Cake Bases allow you to create and even expand your product offering with the simplicity of one base. “This base gives bakeries the ultimate tool for doing more with less,” Halfmann added. “It has a tolerant formula that performs well in a variety of production and baking environments.”

It has a thick batter, ideal for suspending inclusions evenly, and it performs through the full freeze/thaw cycle. “You can use it to make everything from cakes to muffins, bars and cookies,” Halfmann said. “Combined with a longer shelf life, products like these truly improve a bakery’s bottom line.”

Hear more about benefits from the owner of Delicious Town Biscotti, Susan Levin.

Build and Maintain a Well-Trained Team

Focus on training and communication to help your team become more efficient. A comprehensive training program will ensure proficiency in all aspects of your operation — from getting the most out of your products to using equipment properly or improving workflow.

In particular, cross-training can have the biggest impact on the bottom line. Employees feel valued when they are given the opportunity to understand more aspects of the operation. Even more importantly, when staffing issues arise, the team can “plug and play” into open slots. This ensures that quality and production levels don’t fall helping bottom-line growth.

By taking a few simple, but highly impactful steps, your bakery operations can become more resilient to the challenges that often impact profitability and productivity. The right products and targeted training can help you make the most of your team and of your time. To learn more about the Dawn Foods’ products mentioned in this article, visit dawnfoods.com/all-products.