More advanced controls are available now that help operators produce consistent product, reduce waste, and manage operations. Solid state controls such as Baxter’s Smart Touch™ control (available on full-size OV520 double rack oven) offer a fully featured touch pad platform for recipe editing, production planning and utility management needs. Understanding production, reducing waste, maximizing baking schedules are all possible. 

There are many small standard ovens and convection ovens that are used for general cooking, but if an operator is looking for greater efficiency, a mini rack convection oven with its rotating rack will reduce cooking and baking times, reduce labor associated with turning trays and pans and improve baking and cooking results, according to Baxter Manufacturing.

Rotating the rack within the engineered convective air flow in the oven further improves performance as areas of impingement or low flow are eliminated. Baxter’s mini rack oven provides operators with high production capacity in a small footprint. The rotating rack carriage can be removed without tools for easy cleaning and there are many racks available to provide the best configuration for your kitchen or bakery.  

Combining this technology with a steam generator system positions the mini rack ovens perfectly for high volume batch cooking and baking needs. Baxter’s mini rack oven and full-size rack ovens offer both pulse steam for foodservice and cooking applications and burst steam for baking applications. 

Efficiency and accuracy

From Belshaw Adamatic Bakery Group, the next generation rack oven, OVEN2020, features a new rapid-heating system that enables startup and recovery much faster than other rack ovens. Temperature is maintained by modulating gas flow, rather than turning on and off. That means more accurate temperatures. The result? Better quality in less time.

With 66% baking energy efficiency, very low idle energy rate, and very low startup energy usage, you’ll consume less energy and create less exhaust when you operate OVEN2020.

When you are looking for extra quality in your breads, cakes, pastries and other baked goods, OVEN2020’s air flow system, powered by a large 18-inch circulation fan, helps by producing an even bake from top to bottom. And when you need steam, you get just the right amount, at just the right time.

OVEN2020 comes pre-installed with your own product recipes, and the user-friendly menu-based controller will make OVEN2020 the baker’s best friend.

Ease of use

One of the most important attributes of any control is its ease of use. All industries are moving toward the IoT (Internet of Things) world of connectivity. Baxter’s new Smart Touch control puts ease of use first, offering a multi-lingual platform (English, Spanish or French) platform to manage recipes and monitor oven performance in the bakery and across multi-unit operations. Smart Touch also includes an animated training feature, full equipment manual and FAQ screen for its users.   

With connectivity also comes needs to control who has access to information that is possible now to collect with smarter control platforms. Access can be granted through unique PIN numbers that provide bakers, facility managers and service technicians the information to optimize operations.     

Key consideration should always be given to the durability, reliability, and maintenance requirements of the heat exchanger system. Baxter’s heat exchangers are engineered without weld points.  This construction allows us to provide this critical oven system component with a full 10-year warranty.   

Bakery sales are enhanced by the aroma of freshly baked products but also the theater that a rotating rack oven provides. Large viewing windows along with bright, attractive interior lighting within the oven cavity highlight signature products for greater appeal.  It is no wonder that many in-store bakeries are locating their bakeries to the front of the stores.   

Precision control

Solid state thermostatic controls for baking and cooking applications are the industry standard if an operator is looking for consistent product results. They are superior when precise control of oven temperatures and consistent product results are required. Steam generation and ample volume is also critical when specifying your oven. Baxter’s use of spherical cast iron plates in its steam system provides a large surface area to convert incoming water needed for Pulse Steam (foodservice) and Burst Steam (bakery) operations. 

Baxter’s robust design and delivery system is not susceptible to failures due to poor water quality or supply.  This steam system design is used in both full size and mini-rack ovens and is less susceptible to failures due to poor water quality or supply units.

Baxter’s Smart Touch control includes a self-diagnostic service feature that displays and captures oven error codes that could adversely affect performance. These are displayed as error codes that could identify anything from a door not being fully closed (which would prevent the start of a bake cycle) to a rack rotation issue caused by incorrect loading.  Smart Touch gives the operator all-around visibility of their oven to optimize production and operations.