While sightseeing and shopping are primary leisure travel activities for many tourists, the one thing that is absolutely necessary on any trip is food consumption.

Travelers seek culinary destinations, and many foodservice establishments have caught on to this fact. These travelers must spend their dollars somewhere, so those who can cater to their desires are well ahead of their peers.

According to the National Restaurant Association, tourists account for almost a fourth of casual-dining sales. Getting customers through your bakery’s doors and winning their favor won’t lead to them becoming weekly customers if they don’t spend a lot of time in the area, but they will come back to you if and when they return to town.

The National Restaurant Association provides some tips for catering to these tourists when they come to town:

  • Market what makes your bakery unique – Tourists want to go to one-of-a-kind destinations, so focus on what makes you stand out. Play up your unique menu items, your history or origin, or your proximity to other tourist attractions.
  • Make your website user friendly – Your website should be responsive to mobile. It should also highlight your menu, hours, and location. Including links to social media platforms and online reviews is another good idea.
  • Make sure local guides know about you – Recommendations can be a big part of tourism business.
  • Get involved with the Chamber of Commerce and visitor bureaus – They can also provide recommendations to your bakery. Additionally, you can use them as resources to know about upcoming events that could benefit your business.