Leading equipment manufacturers are enhancing cookie production, helping bakers produce more efficiency with high-quality results.

Erika Record Baking Equipment offers additional innovations as a leading distributor of cookie machines and cookie depositing solutions. Erika Record offers traditional confectionery depositing solutions (soft dough, spritz-style, and wire-cut), rotary (embossing and imprinting), and wire-release (more gentle process than traditional wire-cut, perfect for large inclusions) solutions.

MONO is the longest established confectionery depositor manufacturer in the world. Epsilon depositors are among the most compact machines on the market, requiring only 11 square feet of counter-top space. These machines are ideal for bakers, confectioners, caterers, and hoteliers who have limited space; yet are looking for enhanced productivity and increased variety in the baked goods they prepare.

Automated loading

Apex Motion Control has designed their Baker-Bot to support food manufacturers by automating the loading and unloading of trays and pans. The Baker-Bot is a collaborative robot that can easily integrate into an existing system to support tray handling tasks for conveyors and racks alike. The applications for the Baker-Bot’s tray management features are countless, including cookie production and more.

For example, one of the Baker-Bot’s previous setups involved a pizza dough conveyor. Once the balls of dough were on the conveyor, Apex’s Baker-Bot would quickly grab a tray, then perfectly catch the dough as they fell off the conveyor. After the robot had collected enough dough, it would place that tray onto a stack of trays, then repeat the process as needed. This automation setup had allowed bakers to automate this part of the pizza dough production process, giving employees the necessary free time to focus on other tasks.

Also from Erika Record, the Janssen K-Series Rotary Cookie Machine is recommended for the production of rich, buttery cookie dough as well as short dough. This includes Spekulatius, fine tea cookies, and specialty cookies such as embossed or printed, almond dough, lattice works, gingerbread dough, shaped cookies, and endless dough sheets. The rotary cookie machines can be used throughout the year for all different types of cookies.

The Formatic from Erika Record is a wire-release cookie machine, capable of processing doughs with large inclusions. Their unique drum system also facilitates producing cookies with a variety of different shapes. The Formatic also has a variable production speed that depends on the cookie machine’s drum and amounts of shapes on the forming drum.

Advanced affordability

With affordable cookie depositors from Empire Bakery Equipment, bakers can enjoy speed and efficiency to cookie production. Empire's complete line of cookie makeup equipment offers automatic spritz and wire cut cookie machines for a variety of shapes and sizes from soft and hard to fluid dough.

No matter what type of cookie you need to make, including butter cookies, french macaroons, shortbread biscuits, almond pastries, meringues, lady’s fingers, biscotti logs, cream puffs, sponge cakes, cupcakes, muffins and more, Empire’s cookie depositors can help.

The Babydrop Maxx Table Top Depositor offers numerous features for retail bakeries, including output capacity of up to 2-3 trays per minute with a user-friendly 7-inch touch screen control panel. In addition, the depositor features Interchangeable heads for hard dough or fluid pump heads as well as an adjustable anti-dropping device for cleaner deposits.