Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Milk Bar are teaming up for a new take on the popular Bagel Bomb, the Red Velvet Philly Bagel Bomb. This marks the first time the menu item is offered with a sweet flavor profile in a “mini-bomb” sized format.

“One of the many special things about our product is its unique silky smooth and creamy profile that amps up the creaminess of so many foods, which you see come to life beautifully in the Red Velvet Philly Bagel Bomb,” says Keenan White, senior brand manager, Philadelphia at Kraft Heinz Company. “As we continuously push to uncover unique and irresistible ways for fans to enjoy Philadelphia, this partnership with Milk Bar was a natural fit. We love how both brands have tapped into hallmarks of what make them beloved, while doing it in an unexpected and consumer-driven way with this limited-time offering.”

The Red Velvet Philly Bagel Bomb features a lightly sweetened Philly cream cheese core with chocolate, wrapped with red velvet bagel dough and served warm.

“When we created the Bagel Bomb way back in 2011, we were only able to offer them in our bakeries, much to folks’ dismay,” says Christina Tosi, chef and founder, Milk Bar. “Teaming up with Philadelphia (my only choice when it comes to cream cheese, btw) felt like the truest way to roll out our first-ever nationwide bagel bomb offering: the Red Velvet Philly Bagel Bomb. The combo of red velvet’s decadence with just the right amount of creaminess that only Philly can provide, bakes up an irresistible experience that we’re so excited to finally offer to our community nationwide.”

The Red Velvet Philly Bagel Bomb is now available for purchase at Milk Bar bake shops in New York City, Los Angeles and Washington, DC, and for nationwide purchase online for a limited time.