In a unique marketing stunt, Philadelphia Cream Cheese is now selling a limited-edition “Bagel That” Device that turns any item into a cream cheese-worthy bagel. It allows people to punch a hole in almost anything, instantly transforming it into a bagel to top with Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

To use the Philadelphia “Bagel That” Device, an individual can put toast, waffle, pancake, or other bread item into the center of the device. Then, the lever is pressed down to punch a hole and instantly create a bagel.

“People love spreading Philadelphia Cream Cheese on bagels, but what happens if you’re craving Philly and don’t have a bagel?” says Megan Magnuson, associate director of marketing for Philadelphia. “We created a device to transform other food items into bagels. Have toast? Bagel That. A waffle? Bagel That. Even a tortilla? Bagel That too.”

While these items won’t replace the taste and texture of an actual bagel, Philadelphia is making plenty of headlines with the offer. The company even created a jingle to go along with the product, with the tagline, “If it looks like a bagel, put Philly on it.”