Consumers are becoming more discriminating and educated about foods and beverages. While taste and health remain big priorities, their purchase choices can also be influenced by the presence of branded ingredients on the label. Bioenergy Life Science (BLS) helps customers formulate flavorful products with its science-backed, branded ingredients.

During IFT 2023, BLS experts were on hand to explain how easy it is to formulate with its game-changing ingredients. BLS celebrated the launch of its first-ever functional sweetener solution, powered by Bioenergy Ribose, with an IFT taste test challenge.

“Saying that our ingredients do more and they do it better is more than just a catch phrase. Our ingredients are extensively researched. Plus, our in-house processes guarantee quality and purity,” explains BLS director of marketing Penny Portner. “Our competitive advantages include Non-GMO Project Verified, keto friendly, slightly sweet flavor profile, browning/caramelizing effect, negative glycemic value, clean label and sustainability.”

BLS featured its flagship ingredient, Bioenergy Ribose, which does more than enable beverage formulas to deliver noticeable, sustained energy by replenishing cellular ATP. It’s the secret behind plant-based proteins’ mouthwatering flavor and aroma.

RiaGev is a BLS rising star in the healthy aging category. It is the first and only commercially available patented and specialized formulation with Bioenergy Ribose and nicotinamide. Functional foods and beverages formulated with RiaGev and new RiaGev-WS (water soluble) will benefit cognition and concentration, plus simultaneous increases in NAD, ATP and glutathione production. 

MannoHealth is BLS’s answer to the industry’s growing demand for the highest purity D-Mannose. It is backed by the company’s more than 30 years of industry experience developing scientifically based, all-natural, non-GMO ingredients that are of the highest quality and are consistent from batch to batch.

“BLS does more than supply trusted, branded ingredients. We have the skills and talent to partner with you on formulation support, product concepts, quality and regulatory, and support your marketing and promotions.,” comments Portner.

Well-known functional chef Gerard Viverito reimagined even more classics with a new menu for 2023 IFT attendees in his test kitchen. Each recipe is reimagined to have a short ingredient list, healthy for you and clean label.

Taco-flavored, plant-based meat nacho scoops: Bioenergy Ribose is the secret behind plant-based proteins’ mouthwatering flavor and aroma. Add your favorite toppings!

Fruit gummies, powered by MannoHealth, with no-sugar added: With a softer texture than traditional gummies, this tasty version takes advantage of the natural sweetness of non-GMO MannoHealth (D-mannose). Imagine all that goodness in a functional treat that supports overall digestive health, urinary tract health, detoxification, and immune health.

Soft-baked lemon bars: These on-the-go snacks with a light, refreshing lemon flavor are made with NAD-boosting RiaGev for healthy aging benefits, including cognitive and mitochondrial health.

BLS adds more healthy function to foods and beverages.

“BLS is re-imagining the possibilities for a wide range of applications especially plant-based foods, snacks, beverages and meal replacements,” concludes Portner. “You can trust BLS to partner with you on everything from ingredient selection and formulation to creative solutions and strategic marketing support.”