Consumer interest in authenticity and transparency almost demands companies tell a story about their products, which is a main reason why Innova Market Insights ranked storytelling as the No. 1 trend among its top 10 trends for 2020. Survey findings from Innova show 56 percent of global consumers say stories around a brand influence their purchase decision.
Consumers mostly want to know about the ingredients inside a product and the origin of the ingredients.
Food and beverage companies can focus on ingredient storytelling in several ways:
  • Inform about culture and tradition.
  • Explain where the ingredients are sourced.
  • Educate how ingredients are processed.

Let’s get visual

Living in the digital age means doing business in the visual age. Making a statement with your bread can be as simple as shaping a concha dough into a heart or creating a bread sculpture that exemplifies the full scope of your artistic abilities to loyal customers.

Bread shoppers love to see something new, and they will buy more products from your bakery when they are inspired by your creativity.

Other examples from Hispanic bakeries include turtle-shaped pan dulce that can be egg-washed on the outside to add a shiny glaze.