St. Louis-based Companion Baking has announced a refreshed look and new packaging for its classic bread. The inventive, efficient and updated packaging is starting with a roll-out across all of the bakery’s Fresh Thyme and Schnucks accounts.

The new packaging delivers not only an all-new look but additional proficiencies that make the product even better, for longer:

  • An increase in efficiency in staff needs on the bakeshop floor
  • Gives the bread a whole extra day of shelf life
  • Improves the preservation of the physical condition of the bread
  • Conserves the integrity of the product overall and especially with Companion’s unique model and production path
  • Provides additional tamper-evident and tamper-resistant abilities
  • Maintains Companion’s signature crusty crust

In addition to the material benefits, the playful Companion birds are put to work on the packaging, walking consumers through the toasting and serving suggestion instructions. This is a favorite hallmark of designer Aaron Segall, who conceptualized and has been with the brand since the beginning in 1993.