St. Louis-based distributor of breads and pastries Companion Baking, which services award-winning restaurants and retail chains across the Midwest in addition to running its own local café, is expanding its bread pudding offerings for fall with a new Apple Crisp Bread Pudding – available for a limited time only.

As part of its efforts to reduce waste in the bakery, Companion began making bread pudding from leftover bread for the café. It soon had a large customer following and the team decided to deliver it fresh to local retailers. 

As it continues to grow by popular demand, Companion incorporated the bread pudding into its frozen program for regional and national retailer distribution. Since then, it has started offering several flavors, including Original, Chocolate Mocha, Maple Pecan, Banana Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin Spice and now the newly developed limited release Apple Crisp. 

If demand is high for the product, Companion says the Apple Crisp Bread Pudding could be added to the roster year-round.