Premium bakery-café chain Paris Baguette has announced its winter 2021 menu featuring pastries, bread, cake and a new beverage.

Starting Wednesday, January 13, the following items will be available at Paris Baguette’s 83+ locations nationwide:

  • Salted Caramel Oat Milk Latte – Espresso combined with salted caramel syrup, finished with steamed and frothed oat milk topping
  • Artisan Bacon Mozzarella Bread – Light, fluffy bread lightly brushed with mayo and mustard and topped with red onion, melted mozzarella and crispy bacon
  • Artisan Tomato Mascarpone Bread – Light, fluffy bread lightly brushed with marinara sauce and topped with tomatoes, melted mozzarella and mascarpone cheese
  • Tiramisu King Cream Donut – A handmade donut filled with tiramisu cream, then frosted with more tiramisu cream and finished with cocoa powder
  • Oreo Cookies and Cream Cake – Two layers of rich chocolate cake filled with Oreo cookie chunks and soft cream finished with Oreo cookie soft cream. Available as a whole or piece cake