Starting Wednesday, March 11, Paris Baguette made its new spring menu items available at its 80+ stores nationwide. The bakery-café chain’s seasonal menu features a variety of berry pastries, hand-crafted sandwiches, salads, and spritzers for the warmer weather ahead.

Among the new spring menu items are:


  • Strawberry Harmonica – Soft cream bread filled with Bavarian cream and topped with fresh strawberries
  • Strawberry Castanets – Soft peanut-crumb bread filled with Bavarian cream and topped with a fresh strawberry
  • Strawberry Croissant – Croissant filled with Bavarian cream and bed of fresh strawberries
  • Very Berry Pastry – Flaky pastry filled with lemon cream and topped with fresh strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries

Sandwiches and Salads

  • Turkey Egg Sandwich – Multigrain bread filled with turkey breast, hard boiled eggs, and honey mustard
  • Tuna Salad Egg Sandwich – Multigrain bread filled with tuna salad, hard boiled eggs, pickled cucumber, and Dijon mayonnaise
  • Tuna Salad – Tuna salad mix with hard boiled eggs, red onion, shredded carrot, olive, radish pickle, and Dijon vinaigrette dressing


  • Dragon Fruit Spritzer – Tropical-inspired lemonade with a combination of cold pressed Margarita mix and club soda, mixed with ice and diced dragon fruit
  • Mojito Spritzer – A spring beverage combining cold pressed mojito mix and club soda, garnished with fresh cucumber

“We’re excited to introduce new spring menu offerings that feature the best seasonal produce including juicy strawberries, crisp greens, and refreshing dragon fruit,” says Darren Tipton, Chief Executive Officer of Paris Baguette. “As we kickoff the start of the warm weather season, customers can expect to see new salad and sandwich options, refreshing seasonal iced beverages, and a wide variety of beautiful pastries featuring plenty of fresh berries.”