The fast-growing dessert empire of Milk Bar is set to continue its rise with the launch of grocery store treats at all Target locations nationwide.

Following an initial launch at Whole Foods in April 2020 with packs of fan-favorite cookies, Milk Bar will begin its Target run with brand new Truffle Crumb Cakes — inspired by Milk Bar’s signature bakery Cake Truffles and classic supermarket desserts – available in the refrigerated section.

Truffle Crumb Cakes will also be joined by the soft baked cookies, inspired by the bakery’s signature mix-ins and names. Additional cookie flavors (including holiday exclusives) will debut in the coming months.

Truffle Crumb Cake flavors include:

  • Birthday – Made with rainbow-flecked vanilla birthday cake and coated in a layer of icing, sprinkles and crunchy birthday crumbs
  • Chocolate Birthday – Rich and fudgy cocoa-packed chocolate birthday cake, coated in a layer of icing, sprinkles and crunchy chocolate birthday crumbs
  • Chocolate Chip – Deep vanilla chocolate chip cake and coated in a layer of icing, sprinkles and crunchy yellow cake crumbs

Cookie flavors include:

  • Confetti – A buttery, vanilla-infused confection with a burst of colorful sprinkles.
  • Compost – A cookie featuring pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, graham crackers, chocolate chips and butterscotch
  • Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow – A chewy chocolate chip cookie featuring crunchy caramelized cornflakes and gooey marshmallows

“Bringing the spirit of what the Milk Bar team and I create to the daily lives of our community is both a dream come true and something we never take for granted,” says founder Christina Tosi. “We pride ourselves in showing up when you least expect it, showing up with spirit and heart, showing up with baked goods. That my mom, my aunts, my brothers and sisters can get a little nibble of the bakery at their nearby Target excites me to no end. Though most aren’t able to visit us at one of the shops, or are waiting for that special occasion to send a care package, we’re here for you, to give you a reason, an excuse to take a little moment to celebrate something, someone, to take a beat, to eat dessert.”

Nearly a year ago, Milk Bar secured Series B funding from venture fund Sonoma Brands, allowing the company to stock its products in grocery stores nationwide.