One of the most iconic names in American baking, Milk Bar is now looking to be found in grocery stores across America. Fortune reports that founder Christina Tosi has secured Series B funding from venture fund Sonoma Brands, which has backed the likes of Krave Jerky and Smashmallow.

“This is the next chapter. It’s not about legitimizing the business anymore,” says Tosi.

Milk Bar continues to build its empire, with the goal of its products being stocked in grocery stores nationwide. According to Sonoma Brands, it is one of the largest investments the company has ever made. Sonoma Brands founder and managing partner Jon Sebastiani has said that he thinks Milk Bar is the “next Oreo” and the “next generation’s real iconic brand.”

The bakery has made headlines nationally with its Milk Bar Pie, Cereal Milk, Compost Cookies, and other trailblazing treats. Consumers around the country could soon have easy access to these items, if Milk Bar has its way.

Milk Bar has been laying the groundwork for this move for years now. In November of 2017, it secured Series A funding to expand the reach of its desserts both online and offline. Through that funding, the company opened more brick-and-mortar locations and revamped its digital platform.

That growth is leading to a presence in the grocery aisle. “Our community is so much bigger than just where we have stores,” Tosi says. “It’s about reaching more people in more meaningful ways.”