Last March, a simple tweet about sliced bagels caused people across the Internet to voice their displeasure with the bagel preparation.

Twitter user Alek Krautmann gained unexpected notoriety when he tweeted about a seemingly harmless gift he had given his coworkers. The image showcased a variety of Panera Bread bagels sliced up like loaves of bread with the caption “Today I introduced my coworkers to the St Louis secret of ordering bagels bread sliced. It was a hit!”

Many people weighed in on the controversy and many others had fun with the debate. While the back-and-forth eventually died down, a recent tweet shined a light on it again.

People take their bagels seriously, especially in the Northeast, which is why a government-run Twitter account for the state of New Jersey posted a tweet making fun of bagel slicing using a popular current meme format related to the coronavirus and its effects on society.

The tweet featured a picture of regular bagels with the words “my plans” and a picture of Panera’s bread-sliced bagels next to it with the words “2020.”

Since then, many Twitter users have chimed in, including the City of St. Louis Emergency Management, who said, “Our bagels are NOT a disaster.”