Nathaniel Reid, a James Beard Award nominee for Outstanding Baker, is teaming up with another top chef in the St. Louis area for a crossover menu this coming weekend.

Chef Reid and Chef Loryn Nalic of acclaimed restaurant Balkan Treat Box worked together to create two new croissant-based menu items. One of those is a baklava croissant that will be available at Balkan Treat Box on Saturday for $4 until runs out.

The baklava croissant combines Chef Reid’s popular almond croissant with Chef Nalic’s recipe for baklava, which is topped with salted mixed nuts and uses a syrup made with orange and rose.

“It’s been such a joy to work with Loryn,” says Chef Reid. “We have very similar mentalities in the kitchen. We both focus on quality and perfected techniques, and we bake all of our breads fresh every day.”

Additionally, Nathaniel Reid Bakery will offer a pide croissant sandwich on Friday for $7.50 until it sells out. Served on Reid’s croissant, the sandwich features components of Nalic’s signature pide dish, a Turkish wood-fired flatbread served with beef, cheese, kajmak (a spreadable dairy condiment made of cheese and cream), ajvar (a spicy roasted red pepper spread), and herbs.

“After spending a short time together in his kitchen, you understand why the bakery has received its accolades. He’s also extremely kind and considerate, and that’s important to both of us — both in how we run our kitchens and interact with our customers,” says Chef Nalic.