Piroshky Piroshky has been utilizing creativity to keep its business going during the hard economic times of the coronavirus outbreak. Now, the Seattle bakery is working for the collective good by helping the struggling Seattle-area hospitality industry.

On Friday, the bakery rolled out Catch22Delivery, a free “Hospitality Hub” created by owner Olga Sagan in under 40 hours with a couple of team members to connect small businesses to their customers. The platform allows visitors to find foodservice establishments in the area to give them their business.

Catch22Delivery gives customers greater ease in finding a restaurant that delivers, with all of their money going to their favorite places. It facilitates direct communication with the restaurant, with possible partial or full avoidance of 3rd party fees.

Restaurants can stay in charge of their own products from kitchen to the door and save up to 33 percent on 3rd party platforms. They can track sales via their websites and get customer data directly for any future promotions.

According to the bakery, Sagan is already getting requests from around the country to develop this platform for other small businesses to connect with their customers.