Facing a shortage of customers as people social distance and quarantine during the coronavirus crisis, a Lawrenceville, New Jersey bakery turned to an alternative way of bringing in revenue.

The Gingered Peach had begun selling high-demand supplies that could be found at grocery stores, at the same price. Among the items the bakery offered were milk, eggs, flour, sugar, spaghetti, bread, produce, toilet paper, and more.

The bakery’s owner, Joanne Canady-Brown, reached out to Sysco, its supplier, to get the products. She combined it with what was in store to create a makeshift grocery store for customers. It was all a response to increased demand as grocery stores in the area ran out of items.

“Customer after customer was coming in saying, ‘I can’t get toilet paper, can I buy eggs from you?'” said Canady-Brown.

The Gingered Peach has decided to close starting Wednesday, March 18. The bakery is encouraging customers to go to its website and support its employees through a special fund.