Former Top Chef contestant Vanarin Kuch is set to open a new bakery in Houston, Texas on Friday, November 15. Koffeteria is a decadent new pastry destination in the East Downtown district of the city.

One of the bakery’s most highly-anticipated items is a Hot Cheetos-crusted croissant. The spicy take on the beloved pastry is one of several over-the-top croissants that will be available. Another croissant flavor will be crusted with sour cream and onion chips.

Additionally, Koffeteria will debut a soft kolache stuffed with the flavors of beef pho and a modernized carrot cake served in a clay pot with carrot cake gelato. The bakery will also offer creative plated desserts, ice creams, coffee, and pie.

Ahead of its launch, Koffeteria will hold a “soft opening” the week before the 15th with limited hours so that early bird customers can check out the innovative pastries before the long lines.