Koffeteria is a new bakery from Top Chef contestant Vanarin Kuch that is set to open in Houston, Texas in the fall of this year, expected to debut in October.

The bakery will feature over-the-top croissants, including one crusted with Hot Cheetos and another with sour cream and onion Ruffles chips. Koffeteria has also teased a Pistachio Praline Baklava Croissant on Instagram.

One of the innovative sweets that will be on the menu is a modernized carrot cake served in a clay pot with carrot cake gelato and more.

According to the bakery's Instagram account, “Koffeteria is an upscale bakery offering pastries, coffee, ice cream, and plated desserts. Houston native, pastry chef Vanarin Kuch, returns to his roots with mid-century modern flair, bringing experience from some of the best kitchens in New York and Chicago.”