Image courtesy of Jakob Layman
Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, a California bakery famous for introducing the world to the sushi croissant, plans to roll out several new croissants starting in February.

The move comes on the heels of National Croissant Day, which took place on Tuesday, January 30. Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, which has locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco, will look to satisfy croissant fans with its new menu launch on Thursday, February 1.

One of the new products to be included on the menu is the Coffee Stout Croissant, which features brown sugar cake and stout beer cream brushed with coffee syrup and topped with chocolate glaze, chocolate coffee crumb, and dark chocolate brownie pieces. There’s also the Lemon Meringue Pie Croissant, which is rolled in lemon sugar, filled with lemon curd, and topped with a torched Italian meringue, pieces of dried meringue with lemon zest and pie pieces coated with white chocolate and lemon zest.

The most unconventional croissant addition is the “Just Try It” Croissant. It includes housemade pastrami, pickled onions and oranges, and manchego. It’s topped with pumpkin and fennel seeds. The croissant was created as part of collaboration with chef/restauranteur Jeremy Fall’s Los Angeles restaurant Tinfoil: Liquor & Grocery, and will be available through the end of spring.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse offers plenty of delicious croissant options. It specializes in the Instagram-friendly cruffin, a muffin and croissant hybrid, as well as flavors like the Churro Croissant, Matcha Croissant, and Gingerbread Poundcake Croissant.