Pictured: Coach Mitch Stamm, Candidate Louis Volle, and Commis Lucas Monahan.
On October 22-24, the prestigious Mondial du Pain (World of Bread) competition will take place in Nantes, France. Some of the best bakers in the world will compete to display the evolution and progress of Bakery Art.

This year, the United States will be in the field of 18. The team, sponsored by Bread Bakers Guild of America, General Mills, and King Arthur Flour, is excited to test itself on a world stage.

Each team in the Mondial du Pain will have two members and two alternates for each of two positions. Team USA consists of Baker Candidate Louis Volle and Commis (assistant) Lucas Monahan. The team's coach is Mitch Stamm.

Also competing in this year’s competition are teams from Germany, France, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Spain, Italy, Japan, Mali, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Philippines, Taiwan, and Ivory Coast.

Each team is required to present a variety of Bread and Viennoiserie as well a showpiece within an 8 hour time frame.  The Candidate must perform all categories with the support of the Commis during the competition.

The 6th Mondial du Pain (World of Bread Contest) is organized by the Ambassadeurs du Pain and illustrates the profession's ability to adapt to current consumer demands and meet consumer expectations.