Lucas Monahan and Louis Volle of Team USA. Image courtesy of Mondial du Pain.
The prestigious Mondial du Pain (World of Bread) competition took place October 22-24 in Nantes, France. Some of the world’s most skilled bakers gathered to participate in a showcase of bakery art.

Team USA, sponsored by The Bread Bakers Guild of America, took fourth place at the event. It was one in a field of eighteen teams taking the stage. Teams from Germany, France, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Spain, Italy, Japan, Mali, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Philippines, Taiwan, and Ivory Coast were also present.

Team USA’s high finish was buoyed by winning the award for Best Viennoiserie. Candidate Louis Volle and commis Lucas Volle, along with coach Mitch Stamm, worked hard over an 8 hour timeframe to present a variety of Bread and Viennoiserie as well as a showpiece.

The 6th Mondial du Pain (World of Bread Contest) was organized by the Ambassadeurs du Pain and illustrates the profession's ability to adapt to current consumer demands and meet consumer expectations.