Image courtesy of GrubHub
America’s most popular online takeout marketplace, GrubHub, recently released analysis of the past year's efficient ordering trends. The company examined how people use its Express Reorder, Preorder, and Pickup features to place takeout orders with ease.

New York City (#1), San Francisco (#3), Boston (#4), and Los Angeles (#6) were among the top cities commonly using the Express Reorder feature. Referred to as the “Fastest Foodie” cities, these areas tend to know what they want and know that they want it quickly.

Another category used to describe city ordering habits was “Food Forecasters”, which described those who most commonly used the Preorder feature. Portland (OR), Austin (TX), Dallas (TX), San Diego (CA), and Houston (TX) were the top five “Food Forecaster” cities, placing more preorders than the rest of the country.

“City Skippers” refers to cities most commonly using the Pickup feature to skip the lines and delivery fees. Albany (NY) ranked #1 in this category, followed by New Brunswick (NJ), Evanston (IL), and College Park (MD). These are college towns, which may explain why the feature is so popular.

Some more interesting findings from the analysis:

  • Females are more likely to plan ahead, using the Preorder feature 105 percent more than males.
  • Males are more likely to quickly reorder a favorite past meal, using the Express Reorder feature 18 percent more than females.
  • Bananas are very popular in New York City, where it is Express Reordered 85 percent more than the rest of the country.