Online and mobile food ordering and delivery service Grubhub has analyzed millions of orders placed through its platform over the past year and surveyed consumers across the country to determine ordering tastes and eating habits.

The research had several key takeaways. Most  importantly, plant-based foods are on the rise. According to Grubhub’s data, bean burritos were the food of the year, rising 276% from last year. Another food making a jump was cauliflower, as it appeared twice in the top ten (cauliflower rice bowls and buffalo cauliflower).

Meanwhile, chicken continued to be quite popular, being represented on five of the top ten dishes. The second most popular dish was poke, which rose 205% from last year.

Critics of millennials might have to find a new way to insult them in the future, as avocado toast seems to have fallen off the list completely after being third in the top ten last year.

The top breakfast items according to Grubhub’s data were peanut butter acai bowls, detox juice, bacon/egg/cheese sandwiches, breakfast burritos, and French toast. The top late night items were stuffed jalapenos, spicy miso ramen, sliders, French toast, and lamb shawarma.

Americans love a wide variety of desserts, which is represented in Grubhub’s top dessert items. Brownies ranked #1, followed by Oreo cookie cupcakes, baklava, salted caramel cookies, and cobbler.