On Wednesday, June 30, food delivery platform Grubhub released its latest “State of the Plate” report to see how diners ate their way through the last six months. Looking at trends from more than half a million daily orders, Grubhub’s mid-year report checks in on what’s shaped 2021 thus far, including the foods rising in popularity, top restaurants across the country and what we can expect to see more of in the second half of the year.

The top ten foods of 2021 to date include:

  1. Plant-based sausage wrap: (+549%)
  2. Bubble milk tea: (+505%)
  3. Birria taco: (+500%)
  4. Everything omelet: (+454%)
  5. Strawberry banana cream smoothie (+430%)
  6. Spicy miso tonkotsu ramen: (354%)
  7. Churro waffle: (+339%)
  8. Beef empanada: (+333%)
  9. Nashville hot chicken sandwich: (+327%)
  10. Korean barbecue cauliflower wing: (+302%)

The top items in the dessert category include:

  1. Chocolate French silk pie: (+698%)
  2. Cinnamon apple pie: (+584%)
  3. Frozen custard: (+486%)
  4. Cookies & cream milkshake: (+458%)
  5. Peanut butter & hot fudge sundae: (+423%)

Like Grubhub’s 2020 Year in Food Report, diners continue to eat plant-based dishes. So far this year, vegan orders have risen by 17%, plant-based burgers by 28% and general vegetarian orders by 55%.