Food delivery platform Grubhub recently provided its annual retrospective look at the biggest national ordering trends and eating habits of the year in a report called 2022 Delivered. After analyzing millions of orders, the platform determined that comfort inspired what consumers ate this year.

With that in mind, the top overall dishes of the year represent several popular mainstays in the comfort food category. The top five in descending order are burrito, cheeseburger, cheese pizza, pad Thai and chicken quesadilla.

Comfort isn’t limited to entrees, though. 2022 even delivered layers to the sweet tooth in everyone with tiramisu and baklava dominating dessert orders. The top ten dessert orders nationally include:

  1. Tiramisu 
  2. Baklava 
  3. Cookies 
  4. Cheesecake 
  5. Brownie 
  6. Churros 
  7. Cannoli 
  8. Carrot Cake 
  9. Chocolate Cake 
  10. Flan

One of the most interesting findings from Grubhub’s reports is that several international cuisines are trending nationally. Australian cuisine (531 percent growth year-over-year) in particular spiked off the charts in new interest. Also trending were South African (294 percent growth) and Cambodian (4 percent growth) cuisines.