On Father’s Day, dads will enjoy great meals. Many will be home-cooked, but many will also be ordered. Food delivery platform Grubhub looked at orders from last year and compared them to other Sundays to determine the top dishes ordered for each meal on Father’s Day.

The following were the most popular Father’s Day orders in 2019:


  1. Sausage links: 139% more popular
  2. Steak omelet: 121% more popular
  3. Crepes: 85% more popular
  4. Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich: 68% more popular
  5. Cheese omelet: 64% more popular


  1. Bacon, egg and cheese bagel: 144% more popular
  2. Chicken and waffles: 115% more popular
  3. Deep-dish pizza: 111% more popular
  4. Enchilada suiza (swiss): 95% more
  5. Spinach and mushroom omelet: 95% more popular


  1. Filet mignon and rock lobster tail (surf & turf): 182% more popular
  2. New York strip steak: 143% more popular
  3. Chicken scaloppini: 136% more popular
  4. Lobster and shrimp roll: 118% more popular
  5. Catfish: 118% more

Breakfast dominates the lists, as some breakfast foods even make it onto the lunch list with some dads enjoying extra time in bed.

The most searched items on Father’s Day last year included Italian pizza, pecan pie, spicy, steak house and cherry pie.