With National Bagel Day set to take place on Saturday, January 15, Grubhub is looking to provide some bagel inspiration ahead of the holiday. The food delivery platform has revealed the bagel flavors, orders and sandwiches that were ordered the most in 2021.

Top Bagel Flavors

  1. Blueberry
  2. Cinnamon raisin
  3. Everything
  4. Asiago
  5. Rainbow

Top Bagel Orders

  1. Cinnamon raisin bagel with butter
  2. Blueberry bagel with cream cheese
  3. Everything bagel
  4. Avocado & egg bagel
  5. Bacon, egg, and cheese bagel sandwich

Top Bagel Sandwiches

  1. Bacon, egg, and cheese bagel sandwich
  2. Steak, egg, and cheese bagel sandwich
  3. Avocado and egg bagel sandwich
  4. Tofu cream cheese bagel sandwich
  5. Lox

Beyond bagels, Grubhub recently analyzed hundreds of millions of orders over the past three years to provide its predictions for the top foods of 2022. Here are the orders that are bound to rise in popularity this year:

  • Margherita flatbread pizza
  • Buffalo chicken tots
  • Peanut butter protein smoothie
  • Cajun steakburger
  • Apple cobbler