Mug & Spoon in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware takes a “kitchen sink” approach to milkshakes. Seeing how “freakshakes” are making news, the coffee shop decided to take the gourmet milkshake trend even further by topping them with entire desserts.

These giant, drippy milkshakes are topped with everything from slices of cake to browies, cookies, and other sweets. The $14.79 milkshake itself is blended with vanilla or cake batter ice cream for an extra special taste.

Mug & Spoon serves other offbeat drinks as well, such as coffee floats. Since the coffee shop opened about a month ago, it has quickly caught on with customers for its outlandish beverages.

“You'll have the best milkshakes you've had in your life,” co-owner Aileen Hearn says of the shakes.

The baked goods that top the milkshakes are from a local bakery, Pasqualini's Bakery, with whom Mug & Spoon has formed a partnership.