Image courtesy of Pasadena Strawberry Festival
The Pasadena, Texas Strawberry Festival is an annual event celebrating the sweet warm weather fruit. At this year’s event, which took place May 19-21, the big draw was a gigantic strawberry shortcake that was 1,377-square-feet.

While not a record-breaker, the cake did serve an important purpose. Sales from each slice of the massive dessert went to benefit students of Pasadena, who received $39,672 in scholarship money. More than 1,300 volunteers pitched in to help with the fundraiser.

“We weren't going for a record this year in terms of the cake's size,” says Bert Muston, the festival's executive director. “But, we were very happy about the turnout and that our cake completely sold out by 3 p.m. Sunday.”

Kroger donated all of the ingredients and materials to make the incredible cake, which is part of the festival’s annual tradition.

In 2014, the festival captured the record for world’s largest strawberry cake by serving a cake that was 2,073 square-feet. Volunteers have worked to create gigantic strawberry cakes for the festival since 1988.

Festival organizers hope their work inspires the community and its students.  “We come together every year and raise money for students and local charities and work to give back to the community. Hopefully, some of those students will return to Pasadena, become leaders and volunteers within the community and keep the traditions going. We also work to preserve the festival's history and create a family-friendly event where people can come and make some great memories,” Muston says.