Landies Candies, a candy company located in Buffalo, New York, recently entered into a partnership with Family Promise of Western New York for a good cause.


The award-winning chocolatier is now selling a line of chocolate cake toppers called Larry & Terri’s. Sales from this new product will go to Family Promise of Western New York to be used for the specific purpose of providing homeless children with birthday celebrations.


For many families, there is little-to-no money available to provide the children with birthday parties that every child deserves. With the help of Landies Candies, Family Promise of Western New York will raise more funds for ‘Birthday Bucket’, a special fund dedicated to the cause.


“Setting up the ‘Larry & Terri’s’ brand of edible cake toppers is a new era for the Landies Candies Company,” says Larry Szrama, president of the company. “Our goal is to donate $30,000 in the inaugural year, giving children astonishing birthdays.”