Image courtesy of Alliance Bakery
Recent Grammy-award winning artist Chance the Rapper has dedicated himself to assisting Chicago public schools in dire need to support.  He donated an astounding $1 million to the Chicago public school system in order to ease some of the stress coming from the loss of a recently vetoed bill which would've earmarked $215 million in state pension funding for the school system.

He’s also given another $90,000 to help 10 different schools within the CPS System this month.

Inspired by his selflessness, a Chicago bakery has joined in on the fundraising. Alliance Bakery in Wicker Park, Chicago has decided to create a series of Chance the Rapper-inspired cookies that will raise money for the CPS system.

The proceeds from each cookie sold will go to Chance the Rapper's non-profit organization, SocialWorks. Additionally, the bakery will match the first $5,000 to guarantee a total of $10,000 going back to the Chicago Public School system.

The cookies feature Chance the Rapper’s silhouette and his signature “3” hat.

“I love the idea. I’m a product of Chicago Public Schools and my son is in a public school and, yeah, they need help,” says Peter Rios, Alliance Bakery owner.