The state of Minnesota has joined other state and local governments in recognizing independent retail bakeries with an official day.

On Wednesday, September 27, Minnesota governor Mark Dayton issued the official proclamation as follows:

“Whereas; Fresh-baked products from local bakeries are an integral part of communities – both large and small – in every corner of Minnesota; and,

Whereas; Bakeries are often local, family-owned and operated businesses, many of which have spanned multiple generations; and,

Whereas; The variety and evolution of baked goods reflect the individual character of the community where they are baked and traditions passed down from generation to generation; and,

Whereas; Minnesota is home to a number of bakeries, many of which boast families and people of lifelong customers within the community; and,

Whereas; Each of Minnesota’s bakeries will mark September 28, 2017, as Minnesota Local Bakery Day and celebrate their enduring presence within their communities.

Now, therefore, I, Mark Dayton, Governor of Minnesota, do hereby proclaim Thursday, September 28, 2017, as Minnesota Local Bakery Day in the state of Minnesota.”


(Image of proclamation courtesy of Grandma's Bakery)