In March, Grammy Award-winning artist Chance the Rapper dedicated an incredible amount of money to benefit the Chicago public school system. Inspired by his act, Alliance Bakery decided to help out by creating a series of Chance the Rapper-inspired cookies that will raise money for the CPS system.

Previous cookies from the bakery featured Chance the Rapper’s silhouette and his signature “3” hat. The latest cookie release from Alliance Bakery features a Chance the Rapper hat designed to look like it's been colored in with crayons, with “#SupportCPS” written on each cookie.

The cookie is an homage to the artist’s album, Coloring Book, which was released in May of 2016 and went on to win Best Rap Album at the 2017 Grammy Awards. “#SupportCPS” is a reminder that customers are helping to support the Chicago public school system with their purchase.

A dollar from each cookie sold goes to CPS, with over 4,000 cookies being sold so far since March. The bakery also matches each donation up to the first $5,000 raised, so the total donations have reached more than $8,000 so far.

“I love the idea. I’m a product of Chicago Public Schools and my son is in a public school and, yeah, they need help,” says Peter Rios, Alliance Bakery owner.