With the Chicago Marathon set to take place on Sunday, October 7, the city and its businesses are preparing for the influx of potential customers. One of those businesses is Warm Belly Bakery, which is opening a new Lincoln Park location this week.

The West Loop cookie bakery will satisfy plenty of visitors, both marathon participants and those in attendance, with its popular Nutella-stuffed cookies and other sweet treats.

Warm Belly Bakery first opened in 2016, and has since gained a big following. It offers over 70 flavors of cookies, with a daily rotation of around 12 flavors of gourmet cookies, muffins, danishes, pound cakes, and seasonal offerings.

These sweet goods will be available to customers as they make their way around the city this weekend. During the marathon, Warm Belly’s mascot, “Dough Joe,” will greet people and cheer on the runner. The gingerbread man with a round chocolate chip cookie for a belly was first introduce in July and was given a warm welcome.