Puravita is Puratos’ range of nutritious grain mixes. The mixes come in three varieties: Puravita Whole Grain, Puravita 12 Grain, and Puravita Artisan Gourmet Mixed Grain. These convenient and ready-to-use solutions are blends of various grains and seeds, exemplifying delicious taste and exceptional quality. Each Puravita mix has its own characteristic blend of grains, nutritional values and flavor profiles.

Puravita mixes are designed to cater to health conscious consumers. In a recent study, it was concluded that 81% of consumers who ate whole grains primarily did so because of the health benefits.

As awareness of the health benefits of grains and seeds increases, consumers are incorporating grains more regularly into their daily diets. Each of the ready-to-use Puravita mixes contain whole kernels and seeds, which allow bakers to not only incorporate nutrition into bread items, but also state a variety of strong nutritional claims to accompany them (claims vary by mix and recipe).

Each item is available in 50 pound bags. These ready-to-use grains can be applied to a variety of applications and are functional both in product, and as decoration on top of bread. As an adaptable product, if used in different dosages, bakers have the flexibility to create an ideal flavor profile, texture and visual appearance.

Puravita is a healthy solution to develop breads bursting with vitality, with a superior taste and outstanding texture. Check out www.puratos.us/puravita.