Rational, a market and technological leader in industrial kitchen appliances, has widened its range of accessories by introducing its new roasting and baking pans.

They are ideal for preparing international pan-fried dishes, such as tortillas, paella, Swiss Rösti, quiche, pancakes, small pizzas, and cakes in just a few minutes in the SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® or CombiMaster® Plus.

"Excellent heat conductivity is achieved thanks to the roasting and baking pan’s griddled surface. This ensures optimal browning in just a few minutes," explains Jessica Müller, Product Manager for Applications at Rational. "Our special TriLax non-stick coating also prevents the products from sticking," adds Ms. Müller. The roasting and baking pan has side handles and can simply be stacked, which makes it very easy to work with.

The roasting and baking pans are available in two sizes (Ø 6 ¼ inches and Ø 10 inches). They can be purchased individually or as a set. For problem-free and secure handling, particularly for large load quantities, Rational has also added specially formed carrier plates for both sizes. This prevents the roasting and baking pans from shifting as they are firmly seated in the carrier plate.

Rational regularly offers CookingLive events, where potential customers can see the endless possibilities of the multi-functional cooking units and accessories for themselves. Rational CookingLive dates and locations can be found at www.rational-online.com. Registration is simple and can be done online.