ISM 2017 recently took place in Cologne, Germany. This multiple day trade fair is the largest in the world for sweets and snacks, making it the perfect opportunity for companies to showcase new and innovative products.

Barry Callebaut took the opportunity to launch its new line of fillings for confectionary and bakery creations. The world’s leading manufacturer of high quality chocolate and cocoa products is looking to satisfy consumer needs for premium, multisensory experiences. The new range enables professionals worldwide to work with delicious chocolate and fruit fillings with low water activity.

“At Barry Callebaut we are constantly reimagining the world of chocolate. Every day we want to create new products that trigger the imagination of consumers worldwide,” says Bas Smit, Global and EMEA Marketing Director of Barry Callebaut. “With awesome fillings, we have crafted an exciting new range that continues to do just that. The fillings add an unexpected taste and texture to any chocolate experience.”

The truly innovative aspect of these fillings is that because of the low water activity values, micro-organisms can’t grow, meaning there is no need for preservatives. Also, there is less migration of moisture to dough, resulting in a well-maintained crunchiness for those inclusions where you need it.

Barry Callebaut offers the fillings in both confectionary and bakery applications. The confectionary range comes in chocolate, raspberry, apple and apricot versions, while the bakery range comes in raspberry, apple, and apricot.