Image courtesy of Barry Callebaut Group
Barry Callebaut Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, announces that it will offer rolled fondant under its Mona Lisa specialty decorations brand. The product line was developed to offer solutions for the most common challenges cake artists encounter when working with fondant products. 
“As a dedicated supplier in the specialty decorations category, our goal is to create products that best serve our customers and enable them to bake their visionary creations,” says Beau Netzer, Specialty Products General Manager at Barry Callebaut. “The introduction of rolled fondant provides a functional way for bakers, pastry chefs, and cake artists to take their creativity to new heights, and is a natural progression for the Mona Lisa brand.” 
Mona Lisa Rolled Fondant is available in white and chocolate varieties, and is formulated to deliver technical, taste, and dietary benefits, including: 
  • Easy Workability – The fondant rolls thinly to deliver exceptional elasticity, making it ideal for sculpted cakes. Additionally, the tear-resistant fondant dries semi-firm to create a consistent surface for chocolate applications and other decorative details. The unique ingredient formulation allows for longer working times to accommodate different cake sizes and multiple climates. 
  • Premium Ingredients – To address growing consumer demand for products made with high-quality ingredients and the fondant is not produced with genetic engineering. For consumers with special dietary needs, the new fondant contains 0 grams trans-fat, is suitable for vegan and gluten-free diets, and is certified Kosher Pareve.  
  • Consistent Taste & Color – The white fondant is free of Titanium Dioxide – a common food color additive found in many fondant brands. The chocolate fondant achieves its rich color and taste from cocoa powder. Both fondant varieties are ideal for wedding and other celebration cake applications, helping ensure taste and appearance are never compromised. 
  • Packaged for Freshness – Mona Lisa Rolled Fondant is packaged to maximize product freshness. Each container of fondant includes two 10lb vacuum-sealed packages that prevent top-layer dryness prior to opening, helping eliminate unnecessary product waste.